Spring Cleaning Your Closet and Chicago Consignment Options

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Spring Cleaning Your Closet and Chicago Consignment Options

Trying to spring clean your closet of clothes you’re not wearing anymore? Want to make extra cash while doing it? Instead of going straight to the overflowing clothing bins on the street corner, you could consider a few other options.

First, try check in with a few girlfriends who might be open to swapping some items out with you. A clothing exchange can be a really fun way to get ‘new’ items with a different style than what you would pick out for yourself.  But only share things that are gently used, clean and still have good quality to them- like things that other people would actually want!

Another option is to consign, the idea around consignment is that you are selling items to a second-hand store at a discount rate that they will sell for discount. There are lots of consignment shops to try in Chicago, but this process can get very daunting. To keep you from going store to store just to be frustrated by their different requirements, here are a few recommendations to help make this process easier!

Before you go:

  • Make sure that nothing is snagged or stained. Consignment shop owners have a keen eye for clothing detail and you won’t get very far trying to include an item that they won’t be able to sell for the best price.
  • Make sure everything is clean and pressed. Shop owners want something that’s ready to put right on the shelf so it moves quickly!
  • Make sure that your offerings match the upcoming season. No one wants to buy a fur coat in July!
  • Call first to describe your items so they know you are coming and can give you an idea if they are interested. Some shops may even require a minimum of 8 items before they will look at what you have to offer so know which shop is which ahead of time.

What type of clothes will they take?

If you have brands like Chanel or Escada, please proceed to the high end consignment shops for women’s clothing and they will be ready to pay top dollar. Everyone else…to the left, to the left! It is hard to sell business clothes and brands that aren’t Paris couture to most of the consignment shops near downtown so you’ll need to do some digging.

If you have items that are more on the casual and trendy side, check out Mr.& Mrs. Digz or Crossroads trading company. They still may not take everything and will be looking for something unique that their customers will like. Usually the options will be to receive a smaller percentage of cash or an in-store credit. Atleast it’s something right?

If you have items that are a little nicer and still not top-tier, think Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Saks Fifth Avenue, you could try Elliot’s Consignment Stores. They’ll offer to sell it for you at a 50/50 percentage split once the item is actually purchased. This is not a bad deal and they are much easier to work with!

And finally, the very last stop before the thrift clothing bin. If all else fails but you want the clothes to serve a greater purpose, check out the Mercy Beaucoup! Resale Boutique shop on Wells street. They do not consign clothes, but will instead take your wares as a donation as sell them to benefit the Mercy Home for Girls & Boys- which is an awesome cause for Chicago kids!

Whatever route you choose to go with, we hope you can successfully consign and spring clean your closet!


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Spring Cleaning Your Closet and Chicago Consignment Options

Trying to spring clean your closet of clothes you’re not wearing anymore? Want to make extra cash while doing it? Instead of going straight...

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